Sunday, September 23, 2018

J-Dog and Johnny Live Stream with 94.3 KILO

While spending the day in Colorado Springs ahead of their show at the Black Sheep this past Wednesday, J-Dog and Johnny 3 Tears took some time to visit the local...

Shock Radio Interview with Johnny 3 Tears

As Hollywood Undead makes their way through the UK this January, Johnny 3 Tears gave his first interview of the new year with Shock Radio's Chloe. Johnny takes a much more reflective...

Distorted Sound Interviews Johnny 3 Tears

Ahead of the Hollywood Undead show in Manchester, Johnny 3 Tears took more time with the press to give a new batch of interviews.  This one comes courtesy Jack Fermor-Worrell...
Jimmy Yuma

Interview with Jimmy Yuma: Creation of Hollywood Undead Masks, Unreleased Video and more!

Scene for Dummies brings back an unreleased interview with James Milner aka Jimmy Yuma.
Tyler Mahurin. Photo by Adam Elmakias.

Interview with Tyler Mahurin

Before Hollywood Undead embarked on their 2016 European tour, we got the chance to call the band’s current touring drummer Tyler Mahurin for an interview.
Jorel Decker (J-Dog) of Hollywood Undead doing interview with WeedTVvideo

J-Dog Interview with

Hollywood Undead's Jorel Decker recently spoke to about the upcoming fifth studio album.