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Katy Perry ‘traumatized’ ‘American Idol’ contestant with harsh critique: ‘In my nightmares’

Perry is an ‘American Idol’ judge with artists Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan

Three years after auditioning for “American Idol,” a former contestant revealed judge Katy Perry continues to haunt him in his dreams.

Adriel Carrion auditioned for the popular singing competition when he was 18 and took to TikTok to share a moment that triggered him for years.

While auditioning for season 19, Carrion posted a video clip of the “Teenage Dream” singer announcing “we have officially banned everyone from singing ‘Watermelon Sugar.'”

After “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie asked the auditioners what song they were going to sing next, Carrion and fellow contestant Anthony Guzman prepared for a “sweet” duet.

“We’re going to do something sweet for you,” Guzman responded.

Perry’s eyes appeared wide after the contestant announced the song, and she said “not ‘Watermelon Sugar.’”

The video immediately showed Carrion’s reaction to Perry’s disapproval of their audition song. His wide smile instantly turned to a disappointed frown.

“I can’t take another ‘Watermelon Sugar,’” the “California Gurls” songstress laughed.

The camera turned to Carrion who had an earnest reaction on his face.

“Is this ‘Watermelon Sugar’? Oh f—!” Perry expressed.

Present-day Carrion appeared in the selfie video and spoke out about his “nightmare.”

“It’s the way that it’s been three years, and I’m still traumatized by this moment,” he explained.

“I can be getting my beauty rest and all I hear in my nightmares ‘Not ‘Watermelon Sugar,’” Carrion continued.

He ended the video clip by singing the popular Harry Styles song out of tune.

“The Dark Horse” singer is an “American Idol” judge along with “All Night Long” artist Lionel Richie and country star Luke Bryan. Host Ryan Seacrest will join the judges for the singing competition’s sixth season on ABC and the 21st season overall. The series is slated to return to television in spring 2023.

“American Idol” first premiered on Fox in 2002 with Seacrest being the host since the show was created.