Tethered Drone Market Key Players Overview Applications and Analysis 2028

The “Tethered Drone Market” is expected to grow from US$ 78.66 million in 2022 to US$ 730.17 million by 2028; it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 45.0% from 2022 to 2028.

Commercial enterprises, law enforcement agencies, and military forces are among the major end users of tethered drones. In military applications, tethered quadcopters provide persistent surveillance for situational awareness. Tethered military drones are used for several purposes, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); disaster response; event management and security; and traffic monitoring. In defense, tethered drones help in border security, general security, checkpoints surveillance, and entry/exit points monitoring.

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Companies Profiled in this report includes:

  • Acecore Technologies
  • ECA Group
  • Elistair
  • Fotokite
  • Menet Aero (NTP Inc.)
  • Hoverfly Technologies
  • Novadem
  • Yuneec Holding Ltd.
  • Skyshot Private Limited

In commercial applications, tethered drones are used to monitor vehicle checkpoints, entry and exit points for foot traffic across large open areas, music concerts, sports events, wind turbine inspections, mining surveys, oil and gas equipment inspections, and crowd monitoring applications. Other major stakeholders in the tethered drone market ecosystem include ground power suppliers to ensure continuous operational power to the drones. They can maintain high levels of endurance for up to 24 hours, at heights up to 200m in most weather conditions which is one of the key factor behind the growth of tethered drone market size.

The deployment of tethered drones during the COVID-19 pandemic is driven by law enforcement and military operations. The governments across the countries worldwide had already put a lot of restrictions on commercial industrial operations, travel, and lockdown/curfew implementations that led to the deployment of drone technologies to ensure the implementation of government rules across the countries worldwide. For instance, in 2020, a foreign drone company donated around US$ 0.5 million worth of drones and sensors to Malaysian police forces in Kuala Lumpur for surveillance purposes. These drones included tethered drones that provided continuous support for surveillance operations to Malaysian law enforcement forces to retain law and order across Kuala Lumpur city in Asia Pacific. Such developments have driven the tethered drone market growth during the COVID-19 pandemic in FY 2020.

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Tethered Drone Market Segmentation:

By Type:

  • Quadcopter
  • Multicopter

End User:

  • Military
  • Commercial

By Application:

  • Inspection/Surveying/Mapping
  • Law Enforcement
  • Search & Rescue

The tethered drone gets its power from the ground stations. Thus, they have a longer flight time than free-flying, battery-operated drones. This helps them stay afloat until a problem occurs within the grounded power source, such as a motor or propeller failing. Thus, the rising demand for 24/7 surveillance and monitoring is fueling the tethered drone market growth in South America. In addition, the use of tethered drones is increasing in the defense industry for border surveillance and monitoring. Thus, the rising use of tethered drones in various sectors is expected to contribute to the growth of the South America tethered drone market during the forecast period.

Wind turbines require periodic maintenance regularly for efficient and constant operations, owing to which different technologies are used to perform the quality check and inspections of the turbines. Tethered drones can support the detection and identification of faults in the turbines by providing real-time visual footage to the operators. Wind farms have numerous wind turbines installed across onshore and offshore platforms wherein various challenges, such as immediate identification of faults and defects, are more often faced by the operators at the time of their respective operations.

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