Friday, January 18, 2019

AXS Presents: “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hollywood Undead”

In honor of the band announcing their new album V, the fine folks over at AXS have compiled a list of five things you may not have known about Hollywood Undead.

A Generation of Social Networking – Hollywood Undead Article & Interview from Tattoo Magazine

As promised in yesterday's gallery post featuring scans from Hollywood Undead's appearance in Tattoo Magazine circa April 2010, we've got the plain-text write up of...

Who the Phuck is The Phantasm?

Fans have had years to dissect the lyrical content of this premiere album by Hollywood Undead, but recently a few obscure references found in the album’s lyrics seem to have stirred up some confusion in the Undead Army. Who the f**k is The Phantasm?
Death of Shady Jeff

“The Death of Shady Jeff”

In the most recent portion of our conversation with Jeff, we tackled one of the oldest urban legends surrounding Hollywood Undead; the infamous “Death of Shady Jeff” in a gruesome car accident.

Matt “Matteo” Oloffson Joins Hollywood Undead as New Touring Drummer

Following the departure of touring drummer Tyler Mahurin at the end of the North America 2017 Tour, many were left wondering what the plan was for 2018.  With...

Hollywood Undead: Origins Now Available from Comic Retailers

After quickly selling out an initial batch on the official HU store, the Hollywood Undead one shot comic book issue, produced in partnership with the legendary Heavy Metal Magazine...