Saturday, August 8, 2020

First New Empire Volume One Album Review & More!

Music publication Sidestage Magazine is ending 2019 right with a bevvy of exclusive Hollywood Undead content.  Their pre-release review of the band's upcoming album, New Empire Volume One, is the first...

Hollywood Undead New Empire Volume One – Review Roundup

The latest Hollywood Undead album turns a month old later this week, so with that coming up we've decided to collect all of the New Empire Volume One reviews...

Five Review Roundup

Five has been officially available for a week now, so how about some reviews?  Here's a collection of everything we've seen so far from all around the globe....

Buzzfeed Community Reviews Hollywood Undead Show

Well, in another first for Hollywood Undead in 2018, the band has had one of their shows reviewed on Buzzfeed of all places!  Community Contributor Earl Dittman...

Who the Phuck is The Phantasm?

Fans have had years to dissect the lyrical content of this premiere album by Hollywood Undead, but recently a few obscure references found in the album’s lyrics seem to have stirred up some confusion in the Undead Army. Who the f**k is The Phantasm?
Death of Shady Jeff

“The Death of Shady Jeff”

In the most recent portion of our conversation with Jeff, we tackled one of the oldest urban legends surrounding Hollywood Undead; the infamous “Death of Shady Jeff” in a gruesome car accident.