Sunday, April 21, 2019

Capital Chaos Interviews Charlie Scene

Here's another interview from Aftershock weekend, this time with just Charlie Scene.  Charlie discusses his musical taste and influences, the festival scene, dealing with producers versus self-producing, a...

J-Dog & Johnny 3 Tears QA w/ O2 Academy

Ahead of their show in Glasgow, Johnny 3 Tears and J-Dog sat down with O2 Academy staff for a quick question-and-answer session. Check out the clips below- For these and more Hollywood Undead content, be...

WRRV Interview with Johnny 3 Tears

With Hollywood Undead heading back out for some late Summer shows, the press cycle has also been ramping back up.  Today, we have an interview courtesy of Simon from...
Shady Jeff (Jeffrey Phillips) Interview 2017

Interview with Shady Jeff: Part 2

Here’s the second part of the over 90 minutes chat with Jeffrey Phillips, more known to Hollywood Undead fans as Shady Jeff. Why Shady Jeff left Hollywood Undead and more interesting topics.

HU Members Pick Favorite Rap & Rock Albums w/ Rock Teraz

Here's a bit of a different interview style.  Polish music blog Teraz Rock got a hold of Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, & J-Dog and had each member...

Johnny 3 Tears Interview in Rock Sound #232

Who said print is dead?  Rock Sound magazine Issue 232 features an interview with Johnny 3 Tears ahead of the release of Five.  The publication teases that the interview covers,...