Sunday, May 24, 2020

Charlie Scene & Johnny 3 Tears Interview w/ Spokane Music Mag

Well, this interview sure was...something!  Not much else to say on this one, watch above to see what we mean!

Pipeman Interview w/ Johnny 3 Tears @ Aftershock 2017

The band really made the rounds at Aftershock 2017, not just playing but doing a bunch of interviews while they were around for the weekend.  This time...

WRRV Interview with Johnny 3 Tears

With Hollywood Undead heading back out for some late Summer shows, the press cycle has also been ramping back up.  Today, we have an interview courtesy of Simon from...

Pyschosonic Media Interviews Johnny 3 Tears

Before their show at the O2 Academy a couple weeks ago, Johnny 3 Tears gave an interview with Pyschosonic Media.  The duo discuss the "Your Life" and other music videos,...

Victoria Kravitz Interviews Johnny 3 Tears @ Rockville

Festival season is just getting warmed up, but Hollywood Undead are still finding time to keep up with the press.  Johnny discusses other bands, being considered a veteran in...

Hollywood Undead Interview with Pitcam.TV

Earlier in the Summer when the band was playing shows in Europe and paying a visit to the BMG offices in Germany three of the band members...