Keith Richards’ Double Celebration: 80th Birthday and 40th Anniversary Surrounded by Love

Rock legend Keith Richards, renowned guitarist of The Rolling Stones, marked his 80th birthday with an outpouring of affection from friends and family. Celebrating amidst a picturesque sandy beach on a holiday, Keith was captured in an Instagram-shared image by Sally, the wife of his bandmate Ronnie Wood. In the photo, Keith, donning a black T-shirt paired with striped shorts, stood beside his wife Patti Hansen, 67, while she held their adorable pet dog. Sally, a film producer, joined the gathering with Ronnie, 76, accompanied by their twin daughters, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose, both seven years old.

The milestone day carried an added layer of significance for Keith as he commemorated his 40th wedding anniversary with Patti. The dual celebration painted a heartwarming picture of cherished moments shared among close friends and family, highlighting Keith’s enduring legacy and his enduring relationship with Patti Hansen.