BTOB’s Sungjae Enters Exclusive Agreement with Drama Production Company IWill Media

BTOB’s Sungjae recently inked an exclusive deal with the drama production house, IWill Media, marking an important move in his career trajectory.

Confirmed by IWill Media on December 22, the signing solidifies their commitment to Sungjae, emphasizing their support across his diverse portfolio in music, acting, variety shows, and more. The company aims to bolster Sungjae’s multifaceted career by providing comprehensive backing for his BTOB engagements as well.

IWill Media, recognized for producing hit dramas like ‘Moon in the Day’ and ‘May I Help You?’, is actively broadening its scope. Expanding beyond production, the company is venturing into talent management, with Sungjae as their inaugural artist signing.

This collaboration with Sungjae comes on the heels of BTOB’s collective departure from Cube Entertainment in November. Despite this transition, the group assured their fans of their solidarity and commitment to staying united moving forward. Sungjae’s new partnership with IWill Media signifies a promising step in his individual journey within the entertainment industry.