Reviewing Liam Gallagher and John Squire’s ‘Just Another Rainbow’: Expectedly Familiar, Yet Potentially Impressive.

The musical collaboration between Liam Gallagher and John Squire has finally emerged, drawing attention and raising expectations among music enthusiasts. The pairing of these two iconic figures in British rock history is not merely a recent occurrence but dates back to 1988 when a young Liam Gallagher, then 16 years old, witnessed the Stone Roses perform at Manchester’s International 2 Club, alongside his older brother Noel. This encounter left an indelible mark on Liam, describing it as a pivotal moment that fueled his musical ambitions, leading him to join a local band, the Rain, which later transformed into the legendary Oasis.

The intertwining history of Gallagher and Squire extends further when, during a tumultuous recording period for the Stone Roses’ second album, the band members took a break to watch Oasis’s debut on Top of the Pops. This instance might symbolize a passing of the torch in the realm of Manchester’s alternative rock scene, portraying a narrative resonating with music enthusiasts who cherish romanticized anecdotes. However, Squire’s perspective on Oasis’s initial performance differed, as he reportedly had reservations about their track, “Shakermaker,” expressing a lukewarm sentiment towards it.

The convergence of their paths continued when, two years later, Squire made a notable appearance alongside Oasis during their historic Knebworth concert. Despite Oasis’s meteoric rise to becoming Britain’s premier band, attracting a staggering 2.6 million ticket applicants, Squire’s onstage presence still retained an aura of significance, rooted in the Stone Roses’ influence on Oasis.

The anticipation surrounding the recent collaboration between Gallagher and Squire has heightened expectations among fans and critics alike. The musical blend encompassing Gallagher’s distinct vocal style intertwined with Squire’s deft and fluid guitar playing echoes the shades of Lennon-esque melodies. This musical fusion, while being exactly what many might anticipate from these two luminaries, prompts varied reactions. Whether one perceives it as genius or limited often hinges on individual preferences and perhaps, a humorous reference to the length of one’s parka.

The legacy of these two influential figures, their shared history, and the musical crossover between Liam Gallagher and John Squire bring forth a blend of nostalgia and curiosity among avid followers of British rock music, setting the stage for an intriguing sonic journey that continues to unfold.